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What Your Phone Case Says About You

Being self-conscious about my outfit is already tiring enough, and now I have to re-think about what message my phone case sends out?



Life is such a struggle.


The Quotes


You probably post and re-post on Instagram 24/7. You like to read a quote and think to yourself-Yes, This is definitely me!





The Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Baby


You’re either a loving mom or a crazy (in love) boyfriend/girlfriend.





The Basic


You would pick jeans over dresses, sneakers over heels any given time.








All My Friends Are Dead, Push Me To The Edge. You’re not afraid to die. YOLO is your motto.





The Bulky Survivor Case

You YOLO. But low-key afraid to die.





The Low-Key Fashion

Girl, if you got it, flaunt it.





The Charger


Your Instagram game is strong. But your phone battery disagrees.





The Cartooney

You most likely own 12 plush pillows. And DisneyLand is your favorite place on earth.