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All 2Behind The Curtains Now Offering A Free Backplate With Every Frame + Backplate Purchase!

Now Offering A Free Backplate With Every Frame + Backplate Purchase!

In order to better support our amazing collaborated artists, starting from Jan 21st 2019, our free backplate offer will limit to Kroma Original Designs only

Additional collaboration design backplates can still be purchased individually


We are excited to now offer a free backplate with every frame + backplate purchase! That means with the same amount of $40, customers can now get one frame + two backplates of the same iPhone model. In the case of a traditional phone case, this is an equivalent of two cases for $40!


No code is required and the discount will be applied directly to your shopping cart. Simply add a Frame + Backplate combination, plus a Backplate Only and one of the backplate will be automatically discounted to be free of charge.


Please make sure that you are adding frames and backplates of the same iPhone model as this discount is applicable to cases of the same device only!


Frame + Backplate 

Kroma case frame + backplate


Backplate Only

Kroma case backplate only


If you encounter any problems, it might be a coding error that was overlooked. Please send us a screenshot at and we will help you out! :)


And just in case you are interested on why are we now offering this deal, the following paragraphs will briefly explain our reasonings. 


In the short few months since launching Kroma, we learnt from customers that changeable backplates is one of the most important reasons that convinced them to give us a try and why they love our cases.


However, we also noticed that most customers would initially only order one backplate and return in a few weeks to order more. We understand that spending $55 (the original retail price for a frame + 2 backplates) to try out a case can seem like a huge investment but we really wanted every customer to have the chance to fully experience the convenience of being able to change the backplates to their liking from the get-go.


So we came up with this idea of giving a free backplate with every frame + backplate purchase.


It took A LOT of effort, from reevaluating our cost structure, some extensive complicated coding on our website, and streamlining our process. It's no way perfect and there's still a lot that needs to be done to improve the user experience, but we are quite happy that customers will now have the opportunity to fully experience our cases from the get-go! :)



Kroma Case Changeable Backplates