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The Holiday Packing Guide (things you actually need)

When they say catch flights not feelings, I can't agree more.


I always struggle with the before hand packing, which leads to a total disaster of leaving the house last minute and cursing along the way in the cab to the airport. Only if not the worst, finding out I've packed way too much and end up paying extra for exceeding the weight limit. 


From my past experiences I've gathered enough information and learnt from my mistakes. And this time I'm determined to pack right and pack smart. Here's how.



One Really Really Warm Coat

For people who are not so fond of the cold, this is definitely going to be top of the list. Always keep warm while traveling, so that you wouldn't end up ruining the whole trip with a bad flu. A faux fur coat would be both practical and stylish enough for attending important dinner parties. Killed two birds with one stone.





A Cross Body Bag 




Speaking from experience, it's always better to leave your tote bag at home (Which is stuffed with work related items anyways). A more compact and easy-to-travel cross body bag should be your choice, especially if your way of transport is the metro or train. So that you wouldn't be the annoying lady who back slams with everyone with her bag while trying to get into the cabin. 





The Skin Solution




 I am absolutely proud of myself for never forgetting my skin care products when I'm traveling. I'm highlighting this one because it's crucial to have it in your luggage specifically this time of year when the dryness can invite all types of unwanted visitors on your skin. A pimple party is not the kind of party you want to get invited to on New Years Eve. 



The Jewls 





They are small but significant, people always notice the details. Reminder: wear it, don't bring it. So that it doesn't take up any space. 




The Shoes




I know how it feels like to pack a pair of sneakers when your schedule is filled with dinner parties. Ugh! But you can thank me later on this one when your significant other suddenly announces you're invited to their family annual camping. And limit yourself to bringing one pair of heels only! (Make sure it's a comfortable one)





The Party Dress



Bring your sequin dress or your sexiest dress and rock in them before you realize you've hit that age of no more binge drinking.