All ☀️ Last-minute Ideas for Summer Fun ☀️

☀️ Last-minute Ideas for Summer Fun ☀️

August is here - that means we have to say goodbye to the lovely summer very soon. 😥

Have you checked off all items on your summer bucket list already? Counting the fingers, we’ve still got a few weekends. What do you say? The girls here at Kroma say: don’t waste a single one!

We’ve gathered a few ideas from the team for you - let's squeeze in some last minute summer fun with your BFFs and family before fall arrives!



It’s a BEACH Day!


Say goodbye to summer with an adventure by the sea! Put on your favorite bikini, dip your toes in the sand, play some volleyball, try a new water activity or simply lay back, take a cold drink and read a book. 🍹


P.S. A healthy dose of vitamin D is good but don’t forget to wear sunscreen :P




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these days are ours ☀️

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Cases inspiration: A Thousand Planets Collection - Aurora (pink frame), Honey Jupiter (white frame), Stardust (white frame)




PICNIC in the Park!

A fun and simple way to enjoy time with your family and friends outdoors! Pick the right spot, get the right blanket, pack some food, bring some drinks / wine (and more importantly a bottle opener) - and you are all set. Just hang out and enjoy a warm afternoon with your close ones. 🌞🕶️



Cases Inspiration: Floral Art Collection - Pinacolada (white frame), Aviation (pink frame), Brocade (pink frame)




Outdoor MOVIE night!

Got a movie in mind that’s recently been released on DVD/Blu-ray or Netflix? Instead of watching it alone, why don’t you host an epic outdoor movie night and watch it with friends under the starry sky in your backyard? It’s more fun!

5 things you need to make it happen: a projector, an outdoor screen, lots of blankets / pillows, drinks and popcorn (movie-watching essential!) 🍿 

(Photo by Breakingpic from Pexels)


Cases Inspiration: Classic Collection - Carrie B (white frame), M Poppins (pink frame), Bridget J (black frame)




Let’s go GLAMPING!

Glamping (glamorous camping) is where stunning nature meets modern luxury. You get all the best bits of camping - closeness to nature, fresh air, relaxation - without the hassle of traditional camping. There are many glampsites around that you don’t have to prepare yourself 🤭



Cases Inspiration: All About Me Collection - I Love Plants (white frame), I’m a Coffee Lover (black frame), I Love Happy Hour (pink frame)


Let’s make the most of summer girls!


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