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6 Funny Mothers Day Gifts That Will Make Her Laugh

As a kid, I used to give my mom a hand-made card on mothers day with glitter spilled all over a silly written "I love you". Then there was the adolescence phase when I conveniently forget about this day, and cruise through it because I was too cool to show my love for her. Moving into adulthood, it becomes the annual ritual of splurging on mothers day, hoping that the lavish presents would somehow make it up for my absence.



So this year, as always, I'm on the web searching for "gift ideas for moms". Surprisingly it became a fun hunt with all these inexplicable presents. Almost every one of them makes you want to ask "why would anyone buy that?", but at the same time you get the serious urge of getting one.





Thanks for Putting Up With a Spoiled Child Like My Sister Mug

It'd be killing two birds with one stone. Pissing your sibling off and making your mom laugh, what a bargain!



 Amazon, $13.5






Texting Dictionary of Acronyms - Pocket Size

This would honestly make communication with moms so much easier! 

And it comes in pocket size, you know how moms can be self-conscious on these things.




 Amazon, $5.79 






Super Mom Super Wife Super Tired Tote Bag

It says it all.


 Amazon, $11.95 






Nifty Notes

This is how you prevent your mom from yelling at you when she want things done. We're all very civilized, no need to shout mom.


 Amazon, $13.5






The Guzzle Buddy

Finally your mom's going to have a glass big enough to get her through the day.

Shop On Market, $19.99







You Said You Wanted Nothing

Nothing's pricey. 


Amazon, $15.99





These gifts would absolutely make her laugh, but so will our cute cases!

FYI, code: MakeHerSmile will work its magic at checkout ;)

**Magic expires May 31, 2018.