All 1Behind The Curtains Our Newly Launched Co-branded Collection

Our Newly Launched Co-branded Collection

In case you didn't notice already (which is highly impossible), we've just launched 2 co-branded collections! 






The BritneyandBaby Collection

All designs were inspired by Britney, a 24 years old young mother of three!


We worked hand in hand with Britney on this collection, tried our very best to capture the family life and personal details of Britney. Even her tattoo is a part of the collection! 






Aria | Inspired by Britney's six years old daughter Aria 






Just A Nose RingDuh! It's just a nose ring. No big deal. 







Embrace The Chaos | I'm chaos, I'm embracing myself 









The Marzia Collection



If you love pugs and horror movies, then you must be a Marzia fan like us!

With this collection, we infused the concept of Marzia's Summer clothing Linee into our designs and they look purrrr-fect! 




 Butterscotch | Pink + Plaid = Iconic









Fudge | Geometric shapes in pink and navy








Dainty | Inspired by Marzia's Calming Chaos T-shirt 









Stay tuned for more co-branded collections. We'll be secretly launching more in the next few months!