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Our Favorites From IKEA

If parks are paradise for kids, then IKEA must be the ultimate ecstasy for adults. I mean where else can you have Swedish meatballs and pillow cases in the same place? 


The funny thing is, I've never been to IKEA just to shop for a specific item but I always end up with both hands full. I think what makes IKEA IKEA is the fact they make a fantasized version of your house, they turn ordinary, every day stuff into a stylish, must-have-it-even-I-don't-know-where-I'm putting-this item. That's some dark sorcery....


And so in this magical land like this, we're sharing the treasures we've found so far.


 The Kalaha Game


This game is so fun and challenging, a perfect game for a chill night at home. Or a reason to start a fight with your loved ones. Although they don't have it on their website anymore, I'm still putting this one the list. 





KRUX Work Lamp



With this work lamp, Mondays might not be so blue after all. 







 HEMNES Coffee Table



Who doesn't love a wooden finish coffee table? This one is the perfect height with the extra compartment under it. 










These mirrors work perfectly well in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Even in the hallway, just to catch a last glimpse of your perfect make up before heading out the door. 






LASJÖN Shower curtain



This shower curtain makes me want to sing "Under The Sea" from Little Mermaid.






-All images are from IKEA image library