All 1Tutorials Now Offering Samsung Cases!

Now Offering Samsung Cases!

YES! Your wish has been granted :)


Android cases has always been highly requested since launching Kroma back in 2017, and finally we've achieved a new milestone. WOO HOO! 


We are truly grateful for all the support we've received from customers and collaborated artists / influencers, with your support we're able to continuously improve our products and services. And now, we're proud to announce our new Samsung S9/S9+ cases with over 100 designs for you to choose from! 



Nonetheless, don't be upset if your phone model isn't available just yet, they're definitely on the list among more exciting things! 



How To Shop For Your Samsung Case


1. Select a collection or view our all designs page. 


2. Select your device. (You might notice there are only certain designs for Samsung models. That's because due to the limited printing range on the cases, not all designs are suitable for the Samsung cases, but we will be adding more soon!) 




3. Add to cart and voila! 



Just in case you're wondering how the Samsung cases are different from the iPhones, the following paragraphs will briefly explain the difference. 


For Samsung cases, it's a full cover case with premium finish, which means that they DO NOT come with the changeable backplate feature. Considering the low compatibility between Samsung devices, we had to restructure our products to make them a better fit for all Samsung models.


However, our Samsung cases are made of the same proprietary material as the iPhone cases. They are 100% Food Grade and BPA free, and provide maximum impact protection with a minimalist footprint. 


We're currently offering them in black only, but we hope to add on more colors in the near future! 



Still have a question about our Samsung Cases? Please write to us at and we will help you out! :)