All 1Everything Else Summer Facial And Hair Products We Can’t Live Without

Summer Facial And Hair Products We Can’t Live Without

As much as we love summer for the sun and the cute tank tops we get to wear, making sure that our make up and hair isn't ruined by the heat isn't quite as fun.


Drenched in sweat and being sticky all over, having your mascara smudged and eyeliner smeared, looking like you've pulled an all nighter when you've only been under the sun for 5 minutes is a BIG NO. 



Thankfully these products have got us covered!





Picking a good primer will make a huge difference, it can hide your pores and prevent your skin from an oily outbreak during the day. 

POREfessional face primer from benefit, $31.00




Blotting powder


Blotting powder is a savior, you want to stay matte especially on the forehead and above the cheek bones. This baby will make that last for 24/7. 



 INVISIMATTE  Blotting powder from Fenty Beauty, $32.00




 Face Exfoliator


Exfoliating your skin regularly can reduce acne and unclog pores. It can also perform a thorough cleanse and take away the make up remains (especially areas close to your hair line) , leaving a clean and smooth face which will help with perfecting your make up.  



 Solution from Glossier, $24.00





Dry Shampoo


If you've never tried dry shampoo yet, you're so gonna fall in love!

It creates a perfect illusion. On top of that, you get to save water and save hair washing time in exchange for more Netflix episodes. 


 No Drought Dry Shampoo from Lush, $8.95




Setting Powder

Apply some setting powder under your eyes (a generous amount) and let it sit for a while before brushing it off. It will prevent mascara smudges at an amazing level. 

Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder from NARS, $37.00




Setting Spray 

This spray is there to support and keep everything in place, kinda like a push-up bra. 

You can also apply it on bare skin, it will form a shield against dirt and pollution. 

Makeup Setting Spray, Matte Finish from NYX, $8.00





 So that's it! Ocean air and salty hair, here I come! Hello summer!🌞