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How To Match Your Kroma Outfit

We are super excited to share all our designs this season!  So much effort and energy were imposed on coming up with our brand new collection, and the results are fabulous.

But with this many options had me facing a new problem.
-I am draining my brains out to match my phone case to my daily outfit.

In order to save you from hours of standing in front of the closet contemplating (It’s basically me everyday). 
We came up with some ideas to help you with this daily dilemma.





The Late-To-Work-Chic Feat. Kroma Strawberry Cream Cheese

With this outfit, all you need is to slip-on everything. You can be out the door in 5 minutes but still looking sophisticated. Make sure you highlight the burgundy colors and mule heels, they are going to take you from fine to va va voom.  




Back To School Feat. Kroma Evita

 With checks, it’s good to keep it simple but fun. Or in this case a bit nerdy.




Girl’s Day Out Feat. Kroma Sylphina Angel



When styling with ribbons, you want them minimal but eye-catching. FYI a  Faux Hawk Braid would also go well with your ribbons.




Gen Z Feat. Kroma Voile

Generation Z yellow is said to be the on going trending color.

Exhibit A: Beyonce in Hold Up.

Exhibit B: Selena Gomez in Fetish.

Exhibit C: Zendaya at Met Gala 2017.
But what if I’m still not over the millennial pink....