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Career Tips You Didn't Know You Need

"Never give up on your dreams" "Work hard for what you want" 


We've all seen, read, wrote, memorized and then forgot those sayings. They're all pretty straight forward and intuitive, but the truth is, our brains often have a hard time remembering and believing them. So enough with the clichés, you need something that would make a change in your life and motivate you to achieve more.


Ask Your Boss What His Biggest Problem Is, And Make It Go Away





If you're sick of doing repetitive tasks day in and day out, try putting this in practice. Bosses love when you solve a problem without asking to do so. 



Careers Are Not Ladders But Jungle Gyms




Stop trying to climb the ladder, instead, reach out to the people around you. Use your social network and they might lead you to undiscovered opportunities.



Never Eat Lunch Alone



Lunch time is the best time to socialize with your co-workers. Learn more about how other people are doing their work will help you think about your job differently. 




Get Comfortable With Getting Feedback




It’s important to take criticism seriously—not personally. Don't be offended when people point out your flaws in work. Take the comments constructively and show improvement in your work. 




Know What You Don’t Want





While we think we know what we want, we’re often wrong. Which is why it's so much easier to eliminate what you don't want first, then the rest will lead to what you REALLY WANT. 









Last but not the least ( this one's from us! )

Don't Limit Yourself To Just Merely The Role Of An Employee. Instead of waiting to follow directions and instructions, take initiatives and think at the level of what is best for the company.


Hope this helps with whatever you're going through in building your career!


Love from Kroma