All 1Everything Else Book Of The Month: The Rosie Project

Book Of The Month: The Rosie Project

Welcome to Kroma's book club cuties!
It's the first ever and we hope you guys are going to enjoy this¬†ūüĆł


"The Rosie Project" was referred by my cousin and I didn't think I'd enjoy it in the first place, but this book is definitely one of the most compelling books I've read in a while. 

To give you guys some idea of what the book is about, I've summarized it with the boring but essential parts (so you may save the best parts for yourself!)
The main role Don Tillman, is a a genius-level professor of genetics. But as an Asperger's patient, he's incapable of doing all of the social things that are required in order to fit in. 
So with his genius mind he decided to design a questionnaire that he calls The Wife Project. A project that will eliminate all unsuitable partners, which will lead him to his ultimate goal - finding the perfect partner for marriage. 
But this was until he bumped into Rosie, who is entirely unsuitable as she is the polar opposite of everything he is looking for but inexplicably Don finds himself enjoying her company. 
And everything evolves from there.....
The whole story line does sound like a cliche in summary, a guy meeting a girl that's unsuitable for him but still they couldn't deny the sparks between them....blah di blah...  
But it's how the story was told that made it so riveting! I got a peek in an Asperger's patient's mind, learning the logic behind everything he does and all the information he has to process before he makes a simple decision. 


One of the funniest moments would be when Don just met Rosie and offered to do her a personal favor. Rosie simply said "You're a star" as to reciprocate his help, but Don's brain is wired in a different way. He thought about saying "you're a star" back at her, but that made no sense because she was the beneficiary of Don's star-ness. On reflection he could have said, "goodbye" or "thank you", but he had no time for reflection. There was considerable pressure for him to make a timely response, so he went with "I like you too". 
Even the tiniest things could turn into a disaster for Don, which is why you'll be laughing throughout the book. 

There are rumors saying that a movie will be released based on the book.
The Rosie Project in US theaters May 10, 2019.


Can't wait for the movie! Hope it's going to be as captivating as the book, or even more!