All 1Behind The Curtains Behind Our Beloved Designs

Behind Our Beloved Designs

Not to toot our own horns but I think we deserve it on these magnificent designs. 

We made our design team utterly uncomfortable by interviewing them, and here's how it went.







To start with, why were these four collection chosen specifically?


These four collection were chosen after a comprehensive data search on the fashion trends from 2017, mostly from the spring/summer ready-to-wear fashion shows. We cross referenced all the data collected and finally decided on the four styles. And this is where the hard part started....



What was the biggest challenge throughout the development?


R: To me personally, the printing was a pain in the butt. We went back and forth on the details of the design because one single stroke of the paint can change literally the whole outcome. There was too many elements involved in almost every design, we had to merge them together so that it forms a balance. 


E: I think the hard part for me was to not stray too far from the trend but also try not to end up with copying someone else's design. The tricky balance right there.




What influenced the designs the most?


R: I would say EVERY GIRL OUT THERE. We put in lots of efforts trying to simulate what each girl/woman/mom would prefer. Our hope is that every one of them will be able to scroll through all the designs, stop at one and say, hey that's me right there!





So in the end, what do you have to say about the final outcome?


L: I'd say it's not perfect but we definitely tried our best. I hope that in the future we can try to overcome the difficulty of presenting different touch and materials on the phone case. Like a suede or metallic phone case would for sure stand out. 


R: I'm amazed! I'm patting myself on the back. We had a break through on the printing, in case you didn't know, our designs are printed on the inside. Which made the colors more saturated and bright, as well as the quality, it's just so much better!