All 1Behind The Curtains Yes! We are food-grade and BPA free!

Yes! We are food-grade and BPA free!

Yes, we are going to talk about BPA Free.

And no, we’re not referring to water bottles here.

But instead, phone cases.

Did you know that many phone cases on the market contain BPA?

(Shake your head even if you do, so that I can continue)

In fact, many name-brand phone cases that boast of impact resistance have outer shells made of polycarbonate (PC), a type of plastic valued for its toughness. Most polycarbonate plastics contain BPA. According to a NTP-CERHR report in 2008, most of the 2.3 billion pounds of BPA produced in the United States in 2004 was used to manufacture polycarbonate plastics and resins.

How does BPA affect you?

Recent research indicates that BPA can be absorbed through the skin.

And we think it is crucial for you if you are-

Pregnant and nursing mums:
Absorption via skin results in BPA directly entering the bloodstream. For pregnant and nursing moms, this could mean a higher level of BPA entering breast milk, resulting in BPA transmission to infants.

Or maybe you have little ones in diapers-

Infants and toddlers:
Skin absorption rates vary from 10% to 60%, and increases if we handle a BPA-laden product after being in contact with food grease or alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

(No more finger-sucking after chips for me)

To prevent all harm that might cause to you, we went on great lengths to ensure our products are safe and completely non-toxic. We are proud to share that all Kroma products meet FDA food standards, and are completely free of BPA, BPS, BPF and phthalates.

So go ahead and give your phone case a kiss. Because last time we checked it’s still BPA free!