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A Thousand Planets - Which Planet Are You Based On Your Star Sign ūüĆü


To all those dreamers out there: Follow your passion, dream wild and trust your intuition with Pandora! 




Happy Birthday Fire Rams! You do you and always keep it real, no time for any BS! Take a chance on Uranus, you'll love it. ;)




Focus and determination is what makes a true Taurus, and Saturn will make sure you get to where you want to be! 




Your adaptable personality and social skills will take you to places and so will Stardust! 




My compassionate babes, save some of the empathy for yourself and treat YOU right! Oberon is the one for you. :)




You're basically the sun, you shine on people where ever you go! Which is why we chose Honey Jupiter just for you, you're welcome. 




It's all about perfection with it comes to Virgos, you guys only deserve the best!  Alula is the one that matches your perfection! 




ÔĽŅBalance is key...a balanced Libra is a happy Libra!¬†Berry Venus is the one for you.¬†




Mysterious and secretive might just be your middle name. Enjoy Mercury!




Run wild and be free! Nothing can ever hold you down when you're born to stand out. :) Midnight Vesta is calling.....



I'm a survivor, I'm not gonna give up! Willow Eris will give you the strength you need. 




You're a puzzle that's impossible to read....Misty Eris is for you. We think, Maybe....