All 1Behind The Curtains 5 Questions With Our Artist Friend Sara Faber

5 Questions With Our Artist Friend Sara Faber


We love all the cute girly characters that Sara creates. 

Get to know more about Sara as she answers 5 questions about her life and art. 💃




Q1: Could you describe yourself in 5 words? 

Mom, wife, artist, coffee, plants!


Mom, wife, artist, coffee, plants!





Q2: What do you think is the best part of being an artist?

There are so many different types of artists. I only make personal work and create content around those artworks to post on my social media accounts. I make tutorials, step by steps and other art-related content on Patreon and I film studio/work vlogs for YouTube. And I post my drawings on my Instagram account as well! So since I don’t work for clients I really enjoy the freedom of creating whatever I want and working on my own projects. I just became a mom so I don’t have set working hours anymore, but I really love that my job allows me to be flexible and work whenever I find the time. And the best thing about being an artist is simply that I get to draw for a living!


I really love that my job allows me to be flexible and work whenever I find the time.





Q3: What’s the biggest challenge you face when working on your artworks? 

Stepping out of my comfort zone. It’s easy for me to draw similar things all over again - from the poses I draw to the color palette I choose. It’s super challenging to break out of that and try new things - I really need to push myself sometimes. In the beginning, I find it frustrating, but with practice comes to progress and this can be very rewarding!


Stepping out of my comfort zone. 





Q4: Who or what is your biggest design influence? 

I am super inspired by anime and manga - I started drawing when I was a kid and I used to look at manga books and watch anime and teach myself how to draw those characters. Until today I am fascinated by this entire world. 

Another huge influence for me is the fashion industry because I get new ideas for clothes and hairstyles that I can draw. And all the talented artists I follow on Instagram!


Anime, Manga, Fashion Industry and other artists.






Q5: What superpower would you choose to have?

Teleportation! My travel bucket list is sooo long and I would love to just teleport myself and my family to all these places. I like going by plane but we can’t bring our dog and it must be super stressful with a baby too! And I am afraid of driving in a car so teleportation would be perfect! 






Hope you enjoyed the Q&A! If you love Sara Faber's art, make sure to buy her cases on our website and visit her Instagram!