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5 Questions With Our Artist Friend Lana Jay

Lana Jay had us at Hello. 


We love the warm colors and cute girls of her art, as well as her OOTDs in her Instagram stories!

Get to know more about Lana Jay as she answers our 5 questions about art and life. 


Q1: Can you describe yourself in 5 words? 


Sleepy, artistic, motivated, curious, colourful




 Q2: What do you think is the best part of being an artist? 


 I love that I’m able to use my skill to work for myself, and create art everyday! That’s definitely the best part. 




Q3: What’s the biggest challenge you face when working on your artwork? 


The biggest issue for me is usually when it comes to colors! I often find myself overwhelmed by choice... but I think starting with grey really helps! 




Q4: Who or what is your biggest design influence? 


I’m very influenced by the works of other artists in social media circles, as well as nature, graphic novels and food! 



Q5: What super power would you choose to have?


Hmm! Such a hard one.... I think I’d have to go with either telekinesis or breathing underwater! 




If you're looking to support Lana Jay's work, make sure to buy her a coffee here!  Also check out her Instagram for more!