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5 Questions With Our Artist Friend Vinne


If you're into anime, streetwear and ninja stuff, then you definitely know Vinne or will definitely like his art! 

Get to know more about Vinne as he answers 5 questions about his life and art. 👯




Q1: Can you describe yourself in 5 words?

Evolution, precision, determination, persistence & focus.


Evolution, precision, determination, persistence & focus.




Q2: What does your daily routine look like?

Well, my standard routine starts with waking around 8 AM, do my simple tasks, and start to review what job I’ll start (or continue), all the day drawing or learning about art, reading mangas, watch (I love series/animes and books about cyberpunk or mecha stuff), sometimes I play League of Legends or CS:GO with my friends, but I don’t abuse to not turn an addiction.


All day drawing or learning about art, reading mangas..




Q3: What do you think is the best part of being an artist?

Freedom. I mean, the best part is waking up with the thoughts of being better than you are now. The artist world is evolving every day and we need to stay updated, and this can save me from the bad things of life like loneliness and lots of other problems.


Freedom and evolution




Q4: What’s the biggest challenge you face when working on your artwork?

Quantities of variations, I think that is a problem of all the artists with the same mind of mine. Colors, forms, poses, clothes, all these things have variations and styles, this is the hard part for me, define what I’ll do when I have a lot of things to do.


Quantities of variations




Q5: What superpower would you choose to have?
Uhhh, ok that’s hard haha. Super speed of learning and adaptation: No matter what I’ll do, I can do the best since the first time trying. I don’t want anything like laser beams or flying. If I get this power, I can make my own laser beam and my own wings. (Tony Stark may have this “superpower”)


Super speed of learning and adaptation


If you love Vinne's art, make sure to buy his cases on our website and visit his Instagram!