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5 Questions With Our Artist Friend Sibylline Meynet

Recently we had the honor of working with Sibylline Meynet, a talented illustrator based in Paris. We came across her artwork through Pinterest, one thing led to another, and we ended up working together to print her illustrations on our cases! Honestly, we still think it's too good to be true...



Besides loving Sibylline's amazing artwork, she also won us over with her genuine friendly personality. We wanted to share a little more about Sibylline with you, so we made her answer these questions (in a nice way)! LOL



  Stars and Sun from the Sibylline x Kroma Collection




Q1: Can you describe yourself in 5 words?
Passionate, creative, organised, generous and reliable (I actually asked my sister to help me on this - I am bad at describing myself!)




Q2: What does your daily routine look like? 
I usually wake up around 8am. I start the day by replying emails, working on commissioned work, and organizing my day. During the afternoon, I work on personal projects, and draw for myself if I can! Most of the time, I work until 9 - 10pm. 


The biggest problem to me is that I am my own boss and I work from home. So it is very easy to get distracted and be productive sometimes!


During the afternoon, I work on personal projects, and draw for myself if I can

    Periwinkle from the Sibylline x Kroma Collection 





Q3: What’s the biggest challenge you face when working on your artwork? 


Most of the time, I am not happy with it. I feel like I'm struggling every day to make nice illustrations. Everything I post on my website or social media is work I'm happy with. It is very rare when I love how my illustration turned out.


This biggest challenge I face everyday would be to create new things all the time. To be coherent in my creativity, but to find new ideas. I also find it difficult to please everyone and myself at the same time.





Q4: What advice would you give to people who are trying to make a living as an artist? 
If you want to be an illustrator, bring a sketchbook and pencils with you everywhere you go (nothing fancy, just paper and a simple pencil will do). Draw from real life and forget about "finding your style". Just do your thing, learn how to draw from looking at real people, animals, trees, flowers, go to the zoo, just sit at a café and sketch what you see around you.


Please remember your art style doesn't really matter at the beggining, so take your time (it will come slowly so don't push it!). Also, studying (old) classic paintings or artists can be helpful. Don't copy, but observe and try to understand the human body, the light, the composition, the colors. It's very important.


I am pretty sure this applies to any other creative field - just work, have fun, try different things, and good things will come to you!



Just work, have fun, try different things, and good things will come to you



Q5: What super power would you choose to have?
I wish I could stop time - I feel like the days are too short. I would use all this extra time to work more, especially on my personal projects!



Nineties from the Sibylline x Kroma Collection




If you can't get enough of Sibylline's gorgeous artwork (we can't!), she is on Instagram, and Twitter, and you can also check out her website