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5-Minute DIY: Paper Fortune Cookies For Valentine's

Make this Valentine’s Day special to your loved ones by showing how much they mean to you! We have a sweet idea - DIY some paper fortune cookies! Not only are they personalized and unique, they are also easy and fun to make.

We’ve prepared a printable template with 4 cute prints to make it even easier for you! Fortune cookies without cooking and calories? UGH, yes please!

What you need:
- Paper circles and message strips (download our free printable template here)


Step 1
Print and cut out the fortune cookies and message strips from our template.
We have some messages written down for you already, but you can always make it more personalized by handwriting your own messages!

Step 2
Fold the paper circle in half, press down gently in the centre to create a crease. Make sure the crease is at the centre only (not on the sides).


Step 3
Unfold the circle and turn it 90° so the crease becomes horizontal. Then bring the two sides together again.


Step 4
Press the crease gently at the centre with your index finger. Once you've created the cookie's basic shape, hold the cookie in place and slide in ⅔ of the message strip (so a little bit is still visible).



Step 5
With the message strip inside, slowly fold the top and bottom edges toward the middle. Use your index finger to press on the center crease as the edges are folding inward. This could be a bit tricky and take a few more attempts.


Step 6
Glue the inside of the fortune cookie (near the crease). Pinch together to secure.

Done! Isn’t that easy?

Let’s get creative this season of love and make your boyfriend, husband, BFF and family feel special. Happy Crafting!




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