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The Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa:

As much as I love this time of the year, but hate the part where I splurge on basically everything I've laid eyes on. And it's inevitable.



So if you can find some time in between taking care of Rudolph and fitting through everyone's chimney, please take a look at my Christmas list. I promise it's going to be short.


The Le Creuset



I've been eyeing this for so long! Especially since it's holiday season, I would love to host a dinner party and invite all my friends and family even though I'm the worst cook ever. 



Boots in general




I consider this as a practical wish. Survival 1 on 1: Every one needs boots 



The Perfect Tote



A tote bag would definitely make my life easier (haven't decided how) and it's a must have item this year.



The Serums 



Stay dehydrated. That's what the experts always say. I need these to save me from peeling and red patches during the party season. Can't afford to pay for them but neither can I afford to be unpresentable. 




Furry coats or just coats





If I'm not getting the boots, please at least grant me a Burberry coat.





                                                                                               -Collages from mina magazine